Connecting nodes

To connect nodes, open node menu by touching on the inactive area of the node or on the handle underneath it and swiping towards bottom.

Node menu

You will be presented with a menu containing options to create new connection pointing to or from existing nodes (on the horizontal axis) and to create a connection to or from a new node (on the vertical axis).

Connection menu

Some nodes beside regular connections can have a relay attached to them. A relay is a special kind of connection that passes messages generated by nodes. Relay connections work just like regular connections. They appear with a circle in the middle indicating status of the relay.

Full menu will look like this:

Full connection menu

The options to pull relays work like regular connections but they narrow connection possibilities to the nodes that can accept or receive particular kind of messages.

Pulling connections to existing nodes

When pulling connections to or from existing nodes, the nodes that can be connected will be highlighted using dashed line. Hovering over a node will highlight it to indicate that releasing the finger will create connection.

Pulling the connection Editing connection

Editing connections

To edit the connection, touch it and swipe upwards. Only regular connections have editable labels.

Removing connection

Removing connections

To remove connection, touch it and swipe downwards.