Nodes are the foundation of Dessin. The hold data, process it and communicate with other nodes.

All nodes are automatically saved to a sketch file when Dessin is closed.

Examples of nodes in Dessin

Every node has an associated swipe menu that appears after touch otherwise inactive area of the node.

This swipe menu allows you to delete the node (by swiping to the right), connect it with other nodes (by swiping downwards), enable automatic placement (by swiping upwards) or move it around (by swiping to the left).

Some nodes don't stop at this and offer additional actions. For example website node allows you to go forward, backward or refresh the page you are on right from its swipe menu.

Communication among nodes

Some nodes can emit or receive messages through special kind of connection called relay.

There are two kinds of messages currently passed between nodes: activate and deactivate.

Every node remembers most recently emitted message so they emit them only when their state changes. Some of them might get confused when they receive two activate or deactivate messages in a row. Such situation might happen when there are multiple relays connected to the same node. Usually, when connecting multiple signals to a node you should use logic node such as All-trigger or Any-trigger in between.

You can see every message passed by the relay. While the massage is in the relay, the central circle is red. This should last much less than a millisecond - after that the message will be received by receiving node and the relay will turn blue - to indicate smooth processing.

Some of action and trigger nodes will also allow you to toggle them by swiping to the bottom-right. This way the message will be delivered directly to the node, without using any relays.